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Our Vision

We at Refracon Refractories Manufacturer aim to be a Total Refractory Solution Company by providing a comprehensive range of products and services

  • To provide highest quality products and customer service.

  • Strive to become a market leader in monolithic refractories in Malaysia and worldwide.


  • Be a leader through continuous upgrading of products, quality and expansion of market.



RRM's greatest strength happens to be its focus on notably meeting customers' needs as well as expectations. As a monolithic refractory manufacturer, we as a team are undoubtedly determined to certainly carry on expanding our product range as well as fairly upgrading our product quality with effectively new benchmarks. It has been our main concern to proceed with the journey for greatness by continually putting significant time and assets into product research and development. Principally believing in constant reengineering as it lets us reimagine the existing process and redesign to bring extraordinary results. We effectively are adding something every day to become an improvised version of ourselves. Throughout our manufacturing process, each product is inspected many times. With our extreme attention to detail, RRM provides the highest quality products, individually inspected, and unmatchable customer service.




With the domestic market growing very quickly and a huge potential in the export market, RRM is certainly geared to make further inroads into both the domestic and overseas markets while continuing to expand its operation.

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