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Our clients are important, essential & valuable for us and that is why client’s focus is such an important part of the strategy for us.

We put ourself in our customer's shoes and focusing on the needs, wants and expectations of our customers. Understanding things from our customer's perspective allows us to deliver an exceptional customer experience. A customer focus is our main priority when it comes to any business decision.


Maybe it’s our approach or maybe it’s the superior quality of our products but we believe it’s an amalgamation of both that has positioned us as a superior Refractory Manufacturers and we take pride in having clients beyond the local markets of Malaysia, in countries like India, Singapore, Philippines and more.


The following is a list of our clients who have trusted us time and again as a reliable refractory manufacturer.

  • CIMA Group (NSCI Bahau)

  • CIMA Group ( NSCI Bukit Ketri)

  • YTL Pahang Cement

  • HUME Cement

  • Kualiti Alam

  • Tasek Cement

  • Sarawak Clinker

  • Daiki Engrg (SEA) Sdn.Bhd

  • Steelcon Malaysia

       Pakistan Client 

  • Bestway Cement Limited

  • Mustekham Cement Limited

       Myanmar Client

  • Pann Myat Warso Co.Ltd

       Singapore Client

  • Aroma Chemical Pte.Ltd

       India Client

  • Larfarge India Sornadih Plant

  • Arasmeta Cement

  • Ultratech Cement Rawan Works

  • Ultratech Cement Hermi Works

  • Ultratech Cement Narmatha Works


       Philippines client 

  • Republic Cement

  • Cenapro Chemical Corporation

  • Green Refratechnologies Inc

       Indonesia Client

  • Simen Gersik

Pakistan Client
Myanmar Client
Singapore Client
Philippines Client
India Client
Indonesia Client